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As with all of the Advent's ministries, the Advent Bookstore hopes to keep a “living, daring confidence in God's grace” at the front of all of its inventory. Whether you are visiting in search of a book or gift, or simply to see what our bookstore is like, we are glad you are here. Welcome!

Our website is only a small selection of what we carry in the store. If you are in Birmingham, we hope you will come and see us. Wherever you are, please call us if we can help in any way.

We know that we cannot carry everything in our inventory, but we do hope to carry a nice selection of good books, as well as a few items that make great gifts: especially gifts for baptisms, confirmations, weddings and the like.

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Tried by Fire (9780718018702)

by William J. Bennett (Nelson Books, hardback)

Spanning continents and centuries, Tried by Fire narrates the rise and expansion of Christianity from an obscure regional sect to the established faith of the world’s greatest empire with influence extending from India to Ireland, Scandinavia to Ethiopia, and all points in between. Bennett explores the lives of saints and sinners, paupers and kings, merchants and monks who, together and against all odds, changed the world forever. To tell their story, Bennett follows them through the controversies and trials of their time - challenged by official persecution, heresy, and schism, they held steadfast to the truth of Christ. Tried by Fire speaks across centuries to offer insight into the people and events that shaped the faith that continues to shape our lives today. (Nelson Books, hardback)


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