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Worship Pastor (9780310525196)

by Zac Hicks

Zac says, “…the book’s title, The Worship Pastor, might be a bit misleading, as if a worship pastor is a special kind of office or call. The truth is that, while some like me are blessed to be able to specialize… in worship, I believe that every pastor should consider worship leadership part of their duty, and every worship leader should view their job as fulfilling a pastoral function. Every pastor and worship leader is a worship pastor. Clergy in some Christian traditions already have worship leading into their job descriptions and training (e.g., Anglicans, Lutherans, Roman Catholics, Methodists, Easter Orthodox).

Lester Ruth says,  “It’s been fifty years since the first forms of contemporary worship appeared. It’s been thirty years since the position of worship leader developed. It’s been twenty years since mainline churches adopted contemporary styles. And so it’s time for a mature, multifaceted guide for those who lead God’s people in worship.”

(Zondervan, paperback, 2016, 220 pages)


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