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Witnesses to the Light (9780615812472)

by John Harris Harper

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The Cathedral Church of the Advent has been blessed in countless ways.  Among these blessings are the beautiful stained-glass windows and other works of art displayed throughout the church.  This book illuminates these blessings for the reader through photography, written history and meditations.

Among the many beautiful photographs in this book are those of the stained-glass windows, which date from 1893-1946.  The descriptions of the windows and other artworks include stories about the donors and the persons in whose memories they were given to the Advent.  Theses stories give the reader a brief history of the lives of those who contributed not only to the establishment and growth of the Advent, but also to that of the City of Birmingham, which was founded in the same year, 1872.  Brief genealogies of these Advent and city forefathers provide a link to many of today’s Adventers. 

The reader will also find twenty-nine meditations, focusing on the Gospel messages of the Advent’s windows and artwork. Among the meditations’ authors are George Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, Mike Hill, Bishop of Bristol, England and Kee Sloan, Bishop of Alabama.  Other authors include the current Dean of the Cathedral, Frank Limehouse, and former deans Paul Zahl and Larry Gibson, as well as present and former Advent clergy and staff.

Witnesses to the Light is meant to be both enjoyable and informative.  More importantly, however, it provides a glimpse of God’s grace as shared with the Advent, providing a place for His Gospel to be to be voiced, heard and thus spread.


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