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Jabbok (9780991574407) - autographed copy

by Kee Sloan

Purchase from us will benefit Bethany Village.

If you’ve heard Kee tell a story, you’ll enjoy his debut novel.  As are many novels, the characters are a combination of real-life people and fictional characters – a fictional autobiography.  Buddy Hinton, the protagonist, is mostly Kee --  or, as he says,  more how he wishes he might have been; and Jake -- fisherman, ex-convict, former tent preacher -- is a combination of Kee’s grandfather and a man that he worked with at summer camp.

Jake and Buddy form an unlikely bond that transcends age and race.  They have many conversations about life and faith which forges a strong friendship that ultimately heals them both.  (Peake Road Publishers, paperback, 2014)


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